The Cryopreservation and Biomedicine Research Team was created by the initiative of these scientists and their teams:

  • Dr. Cabo: Specialist in Cardiovascular Surgery and member of the Advisory Board of Ministerio de Sanidad de España.
  • Dr. Risco: Head of the Cryobiotech Research Group for Tissue and Organ Cryopreservation at the School of Engineers of the Universidad de Sevilla and the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (National Center of Accelerators).
  • Dr. Galocha: Researcher at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Carlos III Health Institute) and the Centro Nacional de Microbiología (National Microbiology Center).


Scientific Research Department

Noel García-Medel, PhD. Operational Scientific Project Manager. 

Dr. García-Medel is PhD in Molecular Biology, Master Degree in Biophysics and in Artificial Intelligence by the University Autonoma of Madrid. He is accredited as Assistant Professor Doctor by ANECA. His working fields are Proteomics, Immunobiology and Artificial Intelligence applied to Life Sciences, having extensive experience in the use of computational approaches for Biomedical Research, mainly at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and other public universities. His work has been reported in several scientific journals and international congresses (pubmed: Garcia-medel n). He is co-founder of the companies CryoBiomed Reasearch Institute and InnovativeHealth Group, where he has coordinated several inter-institutional projects funded by the European Program Horizon2020 and other public calls.

Articles here:

Functional interaction of the ankylosing spondylitis-associated endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase 1 polymorphism and HLA-B27 in vivo. -With B. Galocha- (English)
A Comparative Analysis of the Peptide Repertoires of HLA-DR Molecules Differentially Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis. (English)


Javier Cabo, MD, PhD. Medical Managing Director.

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery (MD, and PhD) by the Autónoma University of Madrid and an ex fellow and PhD in Medicine and Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular  Surgery by the University of Cambridge (UK) and Harvard (USA); moreover in Investigation by the University of Washington (USA) and in Health Management by the University of Pennsylvania (USA); he is also a Doctor Honoris Causa by the Central East University (UCE) and the Catholic University of Nosdestana (UCNE) in the Dominican Republic; Excellence in Health Care Prize and Doctor Honoris Causa in Health ́s Science and Management by the Global Organization for Excellence in Health (GOEH) and also a Member of the New York Science Academy (New York, USA) and of the International Who is Who Historical Society (Washington, USA). On the cardiovascular front, Dr. Javier Cabo is the International Director of the Cardiovascular Department of the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (HOMS) in the Dominican Republic; he is also a member of the Cardiovascular Department of the NISA Pardo Aravaca Hospital in Madrid; he is a professor at the Universities of Berlin (Germany) and Quebec (Canada) and is the former director of the Cardiovascular Surgery Service of the La Paz Hospital in Madrid and the former President of the Association of Cardiac Surgeons. Dr. Javier Cabo pioneered the first Pediatric Surgical Arrhythmias Unit in Europe in the year 1988. In Spain, he has pioneered advances in Heart Cryopreservation and has created the first Centre for Cryopreservation of Cardiac Homografts based on the Cryolife method in the year 1992. He performed the first infant heart transplant in Spain in the year 1994, the first Artificial Heart Transplant in a child in Spain in the year 2006 and the world’s first Artificial Heart Transplant with an Artificial Lung in the year 2006.

Articles here:

“24 years of a milestone for Spanish surgery” (Spanish)
The immortality that the ‘new minstrels’ defend is an insult (Spanish)
Javier Cabo: “Human cryogenization will be scientifically possible in 2080” (Spanish)
Electrophysiologic changes during acute rejection of heterotopically transplanted rat hearts.  (English)


Ramón Risco, PhD. Scientific Managing Director. 

Research Professor at the University of Sevilla, group leader of the CryoBiotech group at the Engineering School and co-founder of Safe Preservation. Member of Society for Cryobiology.

Articles here:

Thermal and clinical performance of a closed device designed for human oocyte vitrification based on the optimization of the warming rate. (English)
Comparison between ideal and nonideal solution models for single-cell cryopreservation protocols. (English)
A heart that lasts more than four hours -With M. Balcerzyk- (Spanish)


Begoña Galocha, MD, PhD. Scientific Managing Director and Medical Advisor.

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery (MD) by the Autónoma University of Madrid, specialist in Clinical Immunology. Group Leader at the Immunology Unit of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Madrid, Spain).

Articles here:

Presentation of cytosolically stable peptides by HLA-B27 is not dependent on the canonic interactions of N-terminal basic residues in the A pocket. -With N. García-Medel- (English)
Mutational analysis reveals a complex interplay of peptide binding and multiple biological features of HLA-B27. (English)


Alberto Olmo, PhD. Scientific Staff. 

University professor and researcher at the National Center for Microelectronics (IMSE-CNM), where he is currently working on the design and development of bio-instrumentation circuits and  systems. Telecommunications Engineer and PhD Engineer from the University of Seville, he has participated and coordinated a large number of R&D projects (FP7, H2020) and technological innovation  projects in the area of biotechnology and informatics applied to the  health sciences, both in the University and for different companies and  hospitals.

Articles here:

Cryopreservation and ultrasounds: why dig up the past? -With R. Risco- (English)


Ariadna Corral, PhD. Scientific Staff. 

Dr. Corral holds a PhD from the University of Seville (2014), focused on the application of X-rays Computed Tomography to monitor processes of tissue and organ cryopreservation. She is a Chemical Engineer, with a master in Chemical and Environmental Technology from the Engineering School of Seville (ETSI). She is currently at the National Center of Accelerators (CNA, Universidad de Sevilla-Junta de Andalucía-CSIC) doing research in the field of Radiopharmacy and Biomedical Imaging (PET-CT), with tasks on production of new PET radiopharmaceuticals, development of new acquisition-reconstruction protocols and CT image analysis applied to tissue and organ cryopreservation. She is also an honorific assistant of the Applied Physics Department at the ETSI, where she was a lecturer until 2015. Since 2017, Dr. Corral is a member of the committe of the Society for Low Temperature Biology (SLTB).

Articles here:

Assessment of the cryoprotectant concentration inside a bulky organ for cryopreservation using X-ray computed tomography. -With M. Balcerzyk, and R. Risco- (English)


Marcin Belcerzyk, PhD. Scientific Staff. 

He holds a Ph.D. in physics and a Dr.Sci. (habilitation) in applied physics. He worked in design and basic properties of PET detectors and scanners. In 2003 he added neuroscience in area of learning, memory and Alzheimer´s disease. From 2007 he works in molecular imaging with PET/CT, medical image processing and cryopreservation monitoring. He is an inventor of two patents in medical imaging, 2005 citations, h-index of 26, four papers with more than 100 citations (one has 266).

Articles here:

Ovarian tissue cryopreservation by stepped vitrification and monitored by X-ray computed tomography. – With R. Risco- (English)
Molecular Characterization of Growth Hormone-producing Tumors in the GC Rat Model of Acromegaly. (English)