Aim of the company

CryoBiomed is a biotechnological company aimed to develop novel technologies oriented to enhance viability of biological materials such as cells, tissues, organs and embryos subjected to cryopreservation to be used with medical or research purposes.

Deep freezing is the only approach enabling long-term storing of biological samples preserving their activity. Temperatures below -120 ÂșC arrest metabolical activity in a reversible way. Harmful effects, such as mechanical damage associated to the formation of ice crystals, are prevented by vitrification, a process consisting on the treatment with low toxicity cryoprotectans, preventing from ice crystals formation, before reducing the temperature. Nevertheless, ultra-rapid and homogeneus thawing is also a critical process yet to be achieved. CryoBiomed is advancing in the application of electromagnetic induction rewarming for solid vascularized organs, which are particularly sensitive to the thawing process.

The main goal of the company is to design novel vitrification and thawing methods to improve the use of organs for transplantation. For that purpose, the following working lines are currently being developed at CryoBiomed:

1.- Rescue of ovarian tissue.
Young females subjected to cancer therapy are often at risk of infertility problems. Autologous self-transplat of ovarian tissue extracted before the treatment is a promising solution for these patients.

2.- Creation of organ banks for trasplantation.
Since in most cases, after the death of a donor, some of the organs cannot be used for transplantation due to geographical reasons, an interesting field of applicability for cryopreservation is to supply the physicians with a methodology for the storing, and later recovery, of those organs waiting to be transplanted to a feasible receptor.

3.- Storage of specimens for anatomical pathology studies.
Useful for those tumor biopsies whose pathological profiling is preferable to be assessed by functional assays.